Photos: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Dalilah - Delightful Dalilah!
  • Squeaks - Easy Going Sweetheart
  • Remington -  Handsome Snuggler
  • Marc Bolan -   What-A-Charmer!
  • Sequin - Tiny Jewel!
  • Lancelot - Scene Stealing Tabby
  • Owen - Silky Soft Cuddler
  • Dalilah - Delightful Dalilah!
Dalilah - Delightful Dalilah!
Meet Dalilah, a 7-year-old calico kitty who will bring infinite amounts of love to your life. Dalilah is an extremely friendly girl who is a delight to be around with her easygoing sweetness. She does have her playful side, and really enjoys playing fetch and batting around little toys like mice and stretchy bands. Dalilah is super soft and will be full of bliss as you give her loving pats and cuddles. If you’re looking for an adorably sweet snuggle companion, than Dalilah is the feline friend you've been waiting for. So come on over to the Seattle Humane Society in Bellevue and meet Dalilah today! --