Police: Boy shot mom's attacker with BB gun

Police: Boy shot mom's attacker with BB gun
BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- A man accused of assaulting a woman was shot in the face with a BB gun by the woman's 11-year-old son.

Investigators said Paul R. Newman was intoxicated when he came home, kicked in the door to the victim's bedroom and attacked her. The 45-year-old man rents a room in the victim's home in the Roosevelt neighborhood, police said.

Newman, who was apparently angry because he believed his room had been messed with, began choking the victim, detectives said.

The commotion woke the victim's son, who saw the man attacking his mother. The boy began yelling at Newman to stop.

"He was yelling at my mom and then he was like on top of my mom, holding her down and then I told him to get off my mom," Kobe Sturgeon said.

And when the man didn't listen, Kobe struck the man with a board.

"I said, 'get off my mom,' and he didn't do nothing," Kobe said. "So then I took the board and I broke it over his head and then he still kept on doing what he was doing to my mom."

Newman then turned on the boy and chased him out of the house, investigators said. Once Newman ran outside, the boy managed to lock the door.

Newman tried to climb back inside through an open window as the victim struggled to shut it. He grabbed the arm of the woman, who couldn't shake free of the man.

That's when the boy came into the room with a BB rifle, investigators said. Newman, upon seeing the weapon, began threatening to kill both the woman and the boy. The boy then opened fire, hitting Newman in the face as many as four times, investigators said.

"He kept on hurting my mom," Kobe said. "So I went and grabbed my BB gun and I said, 'get off my mom. Get off my mom." And I said, 'get off my mom,' and I shot him with my BB gun."

The woman and the boy managed to run to a neighbor's home and call 911.

Newman was taken to an area hospital to be examined. He was arrested for investigation of felony assault and two counts of harassment.

The victim, who sustained non-life threatening injuries, was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile police credited Kobe for ending a dangerous situation.

"It's just what I had to do to help my mom and me," Kobe said.