Police: Drunken Santa runs amok on duck boat

SEATTLE -- Police say a faux Santa is definitely ending his year on the naughty list after going on a drunken rampage aboard a Seattle duck boat.

Ride the Ducks workers told police they were unloading passengers Saturday evening near 4th Avenue and Pine Street when a man wearing a Santa suit climbed aboard.

The man, who employees say reeked of booze, didn't have a ticket and asked if he could ride to the next stop. The conductor refused the request and told Santa he would have to disembark the craft.

Santa got off the duck boat, but police say he immediately began scaling the side of the vehicle and ripping down a string of Christmas lights.

The man then ran away, but he didn't get far before Westlake Mall security spotted him and flagged down a nearby patrol officer. The Santa admitted to ripping down the lights, but said it was an accident.

Officers documented the incident, provided everyone involved with case information, and added the not-Santa's name to the naughty list before releasing him from the scene, according to police.