Prosecutors: Everett woman tried to decapitate husband with saw

Prosecutors: Everett woman tried to decapitate husband with saw
EVERETT, Wash. -- An Everett mother is on trial this week for allegedly trying to saw off her husband's head while he slept, and on Tuesday that man took the stand to describe what he saw when he woke up.

Prosecutors say 44-year-old Renee Bishop-McKean went to great lengths plotting and attempting to murder her husband. She allegedly bought plastic sheets, bleach and garbage bags before the October 2011 attack.

It was his first night back home after a separation, and her husband -- who does not want to be named -- said the ordeal started with his wife telling him not to park in front of the house.

"I pulled the car up there and Renee said I need to take and park the car down the street," he told the court.

It was an unusual request, but he said a lot of things were strange about that October night.

Prosecutors claim Bishop-McKean tried to slice off her husband's head with a Sawzall. But before the blade touched his neck, the noise woke him up and he fought back. When that failed, she allegedly hit him with a hatchet and a mallet.

"Renee came at me in the kitchen with the Sawzall raised up, we had a struggle over it. She kept pulling the trigger to make it run, so I reached out and pulled the battery out of it," he said.

The husband was treated at the hospital for cuts and scrapes. One cut to his arm required seven stitches.

The late-night struggle started in the dark and Bishop-McKean blamed an intruder.

Asked if his wife hit him with a mallet, the husband said, "Yes, I took it from her."

Police say Bishop-McKean told them a man must have come through their daughter's bedroom window, but Everett police officer Timothy O'Mara testified a childproof lock and lack of footprints made that scenario unlikely.

"He was shaken, he was very upset, he didn't have a shirt on and he was bleeding from the right arm. He was scared," O'Mara said.

The jury learned that had the Sawzall been equipped with a sharper blade and the blade had been closer to the husband's throat when he awoke, he might not have lived to testify.

Bishop-McKean is charged with first-degree attempted murder and first degree domestic violence assault in connection with the attack. She is also refusing to give her husband a divorce.