Mysterious Nisqually remains identified as adult woman

Mysterious Nisqually remains identified as adult woman
OLYMPIA, Wash. - Investigators say the human remains found in a remote area on the Nisqually Indian Reservation belonged to an adult woman.

The Thurston County coroner also determined the woman had been dismembered by human means, but it's not known exactly how yet.

The victim has light skin but investigators also have yet to determine the woman's race, age, or exact cause of death.

A search of the area began after a dog brought a leg to its owner on Nov. 5. The owner said the leg was gray in color, and was dismembered about 4 inches from the buttocks. He buried the leg in his backyard, and didn't call police until four days later - at the urging of his daughter - because he was scared he might be accused of murdering the person.

Search and rescue dogs were brought and found more remains - a rib cage, pelvis and part of a skull, including a jawbone with teeth. All the body parts were found within a mile of each other and may have been scattered by animals.

Willie Frank III, vice-chairman of the Nisqually Indian Tribe, said he is not aware of anyone who was reported missing from the reservation.

Police are still investigating.