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State Legislature opens new session with 'Seahawks Prayer'

State Legislature opens new session with 'Seahawks Prayer'
Rev. Greg Asimakoupolous, as seen in a 2006 Facebook photo
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OLYMPIA - A Mercer Island pastor invoked the spirit of the Seahawks as he blessed Olympia's new legislative session.

The Rev. Greg Asimakoupolous delivered the traditional invocation as the state House of Representatives launched its 2013 session.

"Gracious Creator, for the chance to play another day, we give you thanks," Asimakoupolous said.

"For the emotions that energize our Super Bowl dreams, we are grateful," he continued.

Asimakoupolous, pronounced "awe-sum-uh-cope-uh-lus,"  is chaplain at Covenant Shores Retirement Community on Mercer Island, where his nickname is "Reverend Awesome."

State Rep. Judy Clibborn, D-Mercer Island, invited Asimakoupolous to deliver Monday's House invocation, according to the Redmond Patch.

Congregants know him as a devoted Seahawks fan. During the team's Super Bowl run in 2006, he was photographed parting his ceremonial robes to reveal a Number 37 Shawn Alexander jersey.

Asimakaupolous wrapped up his two-minute prayer by calling on legislators to emulate the 12th Man.

"May the 12th Man loyalty that unifies our state characterize the teamwork of these who scrimmage daily toward a common goal."

The entire text of his invocation is here.

Asimakoupolous also rhapsodizes about the Seahawks on his Facebook page. His current poem reads in part:

They soar above their critics claims.
They feed on sweet success.
And now they're perched for two more wins.
These birds of prey are blessed!

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