Solution to view-blocking development: More Space Needles

Solution to view-blocking development: More Space Needles
What Seattle could look like with more Space Needles. Photo illustration by Michael Harthorne. Original photo by Wikimedia Commons user 'jelson25'.

SEATTLE - Protecting views of the city's most famous landmark is simply not enough for a growing group of Seattleites. This particular group is so passionate about the iconic landmark they've come up with their own way to deal with the possibility of taller, view-blocking buildings in South Lake Union - simply build more Space Needles.

"A Space Needle view is the only thing that gives our lives meaning in Seattle," states the Facebook fan page Build Additional Space Needles.

The creators of the page argue trying to stop proposed development in South Lake Union in order to maintain views of the existing landmark does nothing for those who are currently unable to see the Space Needle as it stands now. 

"Only building additional Space Needles will ensure everyone can look upon at least one Space Needle," according to Build Additional Space Needles.

The fan page currently has more than 250 'Likes' and counting.

A survey released this week by EMC Research and commissioned by the Space Needle claims a majority of Seattle voters support protecting public views of the landmark from South Lake Union.

The survey was done over the phone and included responses from 805 registered Seattle voters. According to the results, 76 percent of survey participants overwhelming supported the idea of "requiring that the new development rules for South Lake Union protect important public views."

On its website, the Space Needle asks residents to contact City Council members and encourage them to support keeping park and SLU views of the Space Needle as they finalize the zoning rules for the Seattle neighborhood.

But, Build Additional Space Needles counters with its own study.

"Currently most people in our city do not have a view of the glorious structure known as the Space Needle," according to the page. "Scientific studies have shown that these people live shorter, sadder and more wretched lives."

But if attempts to protect views fail, you can always follow the advice from Build Additional Space Needles and buy a Lego replica of the Needle to enjoy in every room of your home.

(On the left) The current view of the Space Needle from Lake Union Park. (On the right) What the view of the Space Needle from Lake Union Park would look like with future development. (Photos courtesy the Space Needle).