State trooper escapes death for second time

State trooper escapes death for second time
SEATTLE -- Cheating death once is frightening enough, but one Washington sate trooper has done it twice in just a little more than a year.

His latest brush with disaster, which brought him within inches of sure death, was caught on dashcam camera.

On Saturday morning, Trooper Michael Porter came to help a driver who lost control of her car on a slick Interstate 405 at the Interstate-90 interchange and slid into a ditch.

"Contacted her. She was all right. Advised her to put her safety belt on, and I was going to call a tow truck and put some flares out behind the scene," said the trooper.

But moments later, as he walked back to his cruiser, "I looked up and observed a large vehicle rolling toward me at a very high rate of speed."

The trooper had just an instant to react.

"The only thought that really went through my mind was, 'Run, and don't slip,"' he said.

It's not the first time the trooper was nearly killed on the side of a local highway.

In June of 2011 - "on my birthday, as a matter of fact" - Porter was arresting a drunk driver on I-405 in Renton when another car slammed into his patrol vehicle, sending the first offender's car into him and his suspect.

"It's terrifying," Porter said. "We all want to go home to our families at the end of the day."

Despite all the close calls, Porter says he is fortunate.

"I'm lucky to be standing here," he said. "I was completely terrified. I mean, anybody seeing a 5,000-pound vehicle rolling through the air at you -- it's completely terrifying."

Porter has a message for the drivers who nearly took him out: "Just slow down and pay attention to the road in front of you."