Summer weather finally arrives in Seattle -- right on time

Summer weather finally arrives in Seattle -- right on time
SEATTLE -- OK, raise your hand: How many of you in the greater Seattle area saw Mt. Rainier glistening in the distance today and your first thought was: "Wow, I forgot Rainier was even there!"?

Consider the mountain the guest of honor today as we officially kick off summer at 4:09 p.m. with some weather that actually seems like it belongs in summer!

For about 48 hours.

But oh, what a 48 hours they will be.

A ridge of high pressure has moved into the region, making an ultra-rare appearance this June that has before today only seen one full-sunny day and has yet to reach 75 degrees. The sunny count should reach two today and both statistics will get a boost on Thursday as we warm a little bit further.

Temperatures Wednesday afternoon should be topping out in the low-mid 70s as we welcome summer. By Thursday, highs should reach into the upper 70s around the greater Seattle area -- maybe even a few low 80s in the warmer spots. It'll be our first day over 75 since May 15 - a very long and surprising(?) 6-week wait (perhaps Punxsutawney Phil accidentally saw his shadow?)

But fame isn't the only thing that is fleeting -- even through summer will be here the calendar still reads June, and this June is set on keeping its cool and showery reputation intact. A fresh weather system will roll into the region early Friday morning, bringing an abrupt end to any thoughts of a summer sunshine streak and instead return the familiar gray skies with expanding puddles. Showers will be around all day Friday with temperatures crashing back into the mid 60s.

That trough of low pressure hangs around for a few days keeping showers in the forecast both Saturday and Sunday (although fewer showers expected on Sunday) with temperatures still stuck in the 60s. A new trough brings yet another round of showers for the middle of the week.

Looking for when summer rattles off more than a two-day sunshine streak? So are we. Running the long range models out two weeks really doesn't find another similar all-day sunny and mid-upper 70s or warmer stretch yet.

But all is not lost -- there is some good news for those who want at least dry weather . Once we get past the middle of next week, we'll instead change to a regular dose of morning and afternoon clouds with some clearing in the midday to afternoon hours as a steady but cooling marine flow off the Pacific Ocean takes control (our "natural air conditioner" as we call it.) Figure high temperatures will generally be in the 68-74 degree range -- something I think a vast majority of us will accept. It even looks like that pattern will hold through the Fourth of July.

In the meantime, enjoy the (official) summer sunshine and get a good look at Mt. Rainier to etch it into your memory. It might be a while before we see it again.