Suspect in road rage killing ordered held without bail

Suspect in road rage killing ordered held without bail »Play Video
Dinh Bowman is seen in his first court appearance on Sept. 22, 2012.
SEATTLE - A man accused in a deadly North Seattle road rage shooting made his first court appearance Saturday, a day after police arrested him and three weeks after the senseless murder of Yancy Noll.

Investigators say the suspect, Dinh Bowman, pulled alongside Noll's car in the Roosevelt neighborhood on Aug. 31 - and then opened fire.

Noll did not survive.

For weeks, police chased the only lead they had - a silver BMW with a shot-out passenger window seen speeding from the scene after the deadly shooting.

According to charging documents, an anonymous caller said the man police were looking for closely resembled Bowman, and that he drove a BMW matching the description.

 Yancy Noll

On Friday, police obtained a search warrant, surrounded Bowman's home and found the car in the garage.

Court documents say the passenger window appeared to have been replaced and new tires put on the car, but that fragments of shattered glass were found in the vehicle and the garage.

Bowman was then arrested. And on Saturday, a King County Superior Court judge ordered Bowman held without bail until a decision is made on charges. That decision should happen by Tuesday, prosecutors say.

Noll, 42, was an avid outdoorsman and wine steward for the QFC grocery chain who was not known to have any enemies.

Investigators say Noll was driving home from work that day when he stopped at NE 75th and 15th Avenue NE, facing north. A man driving south in a silver BMW Z-4 convertible pulled alongside Noll's car and opened fire, killing Noll.

The suspect then fled the scene southbound at a high rate of speed, running the red light at the intersection.

The victim's former girlfriend and longtime friend, Lola Leah Zoller, says Noll's murder has shaken her deeply.

"For it to be so violent and random - I don't know how to process it," says Zoller. "I don't think I'll see the world the same anymore."

According to the charging documents, the tipster said Bowman was known to have firearms, and had a "volatile personality."

Bowman remains behind bars in King County Jail for investigation of murder.