The most popular stories of 2012

As 2012 comes to a close we went through our site logs to find the most popular stories of the year. As is often the case, this year's list is a mix of bizarre, humorous and tragic news from right here in Seattle and around the world.

Here are the stories users clicked on more than anything else in 2012:

20) Woman fatally shot in Downtown Seattle by suspected cafe gunman

After the shootings at Cafe Racer that left several people dead, Ian Stawicki carjacked and shot a woman at a parking lot at Eighth and Seneca Street. Full story >>>


19) Airline fined for in-flight bikini show

A group of bikini-clad beauty queens in Vietnam strutted through a packed airplane as dance music blasted a song with the lyric "I'm crazy for banana." Full story >>>


18) Snow showers dot region

On January 17, snow fell in many areas around Western Washington, closing schools and making the commute very difficult for many drivers. Full story >>>


17) Hidden camera shows workers on 520 Bridge project drinking on job

A KOMO investigation discovered workers drinking on the largest construction job in the state. Full story >>>


16) Suspected gunman dies in hospital

Ian L. Stawicki, who killed 5 people in a shooting rampage in Seattle, died at a hospital after turning the gun on himself. Full story >>>


15) Bus driver says caffeine made him grope girls

The bizarre defense from bus driver Kenneth Sands had readers quickly clicking on and sharing this story. Full story >>>


14) Jordan McCabe - Now this kid's got game

The video of Jordan McCabe's amazing basketball skills was first posted on in 2010, but it continues to be shared and spread around the world. It made the list of most popular stories in 2010 and 2011, and in 2012 it was again one of the most-viewed posts on our site. Full story >>>


13) Mary Kay Letourneau now a grandmother

This story didn't even make the annual most popular list the year it was posted. But the 2011 story caught fire in 2012 as people found it when searching for news about the infamous teacher. Full story >>>


12) Half-naked woman in hot pink duct tape attacks, injures 3 cops

This is one of those headlines that readers couldn't help but click, and coverage of the outlandish incident was quickly shared around the world. Full story >>>


11) Man kills mother, then 26 at grade school

The horrifying tragedy in Newton, Connecticut captured the attention of readers last week and made this initial story about the killings one of the most-viewed posts of the year. Full story >>>


10) Third grader shot at Bremerton elementary school

A young student took a gun to Armin Jahr Elementary School and the weapon fired through his backpack, striking then 8-year-old Amina Bowmen. Full story >>>


9) Eastern Washington hole is shrouded in mystery

Some believe what lies beneath the Manastash Ridge near Ellensburg is a deep, dark hole with supernatural powers. Full story >>>


8) Longtime KOMO News anchor Eric Slocum dies

Eric was a part of the KOMO News team for 16 years, starting in 1991. He died in February at the age of 54. Full story >>>


7) Mayor issues emergency order after mayhem in Seattle

Violent protesters clashed with police and smashed windows throughout Downtown Seattle during May Day demonstrations. Full story >>>


6) Josh Powell, 2 young sons, killed in powerful house explosion

Readers were shocked by the violent deaths of two young boys caught up in their father's ongoing legal troubles. Josh Powell killed himself and his sons in February, more than two years after Powell's wife Susan vanished under suspicious circumstances. Full story >>>


5) Gunman sought after 3 killed, 2 injured in U-District shooting

The initial coverage of the mass shootings at Cafe Racer dominated readers' attention throughout the day of May 30, making it the fifth most-read stories of the year. Full story >>>


4) Officer threatens to make up evidence after arrest of innocent men

Tracy Vedder's story about a Seattle police officer caught on tape talking about "making up" evidence while two wrongly arrested men sit in jail was quickly shared far and wide. Full story >>>


3) New museum celebrates America's love affair with the car

Eric Johnson got a sneak preview of Harold Lemay's cars at a new museum in Tacoma, and fans of classic cars were quick to click and share the story ahead of the grand opening. Full story >>>


2) Pros and cons of Shellac nail polish

Number 2 on the 2012 list is another example of how news stories can continue to drive large amounts of traffic long after they are first published. Connie Thompson's coverage evaluating the pluses and minuses of Shellac nail polish was posted in 2011 and already made last year's list of most-read stories. It was again one of the most-viewed stories on in 2012, as people from around the world looking for information about the new nail polish came across Connie's story. Full story >>>


1) Kathi Goertzen dies after long battle with brain tumors

Coverage of the death of KOMO 4 anchor Kathi Goertzen was the most-read story on in 2012. Viewers from around Washington and all over the world left thoughts and remembrances of Kathi and spent time looking back at her amazing career. Full story >>>