Up to 1 inch of rain forecast Friday at Oso mudslide

Up to 1 inch of rain forecast Friday at Oso mudslide
A searcher stands among debris at the scene of a deadly mudslide, Wednesday, March 26, 2014, in Oso, Wash. The debris field is about a square mile and 30 to 40 feet deep in places, with a moon-like surface that includes quicksand-like muck, rain-slickened mud and ice. The terrain is difficult to navigate on foot and makes it treacherous or impossible to bring in heavy equipment. (AP Photo/Rick Wilking, Pool)
SEATTLE (AP) - Up to 1 inch of rain is forecast Friday in the area of last weekend's landslide that hit the town of Oso on the North Fork Stillaguamish River.

The National Weather Service says the rain will complicate the search and recovery effort and add moisture to the already unstable slope.

Forecasters say rainfall in the valley also is likely to increase the flow in the river. A flood warning remains in effect for pooling in the area immediately upstream of where the landslide blocked the river.

The river has cut a channel through the blockage, but a flash flood watch is in effect for the area downstream, in case it suddenly gives way.

Forecasters expect showers Saturday and drier, cloudy weather Sunday in Western Washington.