Wenatchee vet advertising ‘free Bronco castrations’

Wenatchee vet advertising ‘free Bronco castrations’

WENATCHEE, Wash. -- Seahawks spirit has spread east of the Cascade Mountains, where a 'snippy' 12th Man sign is turning quite a few heads.

“Free Bronco castrations all week,” the sign reads. “Go Seahawks.”

Cascade Veterinary Clinic, located in the heart of downtown Wenatchee, posted the sign early Monday morning after the Hawks’ big win that landed them a spot in the Super Bowl. The sign was the idea of two doctors at the clinic, including Colin Bonnett.

“I was kicking it around in my head before the two games were finished on Sunday,” said Bonnett, a Seahawks fan. “I was especially hoping the Broncos would be in (the Super Bowl) because I though there could be some veterinary fodder to be had with that.”

The clinic’s sign has become a bit of an attraction in the city of about 33,000, with people stopping to take photos of it with their cell phones.

“I love it! I love it,” said Steve Raymond, who stopped to snap a picture Thursday afternoon. “We were going to the store across the street and I just had to come back and take a picture. I imagine they’re doing the same thing in Denver, so why shouldn’t we enjoy the moment?”

The clinic only treats small animals and household pets – for the most part – but did have an injured golden eagle in the building Thursday. The doctors nicknamed the bird Golden Tate, after the Seahawks’ star wide receiver.

Staff at the hospital will spay and neuter typical patients, so the advertisement about the Broncos remains a joke – for now.

“A few of us have done actual castrations on horses,” said Dr. Ty Johnson, one of the clinic owners. “At least, in vet school you do them.”

“We could probably give it the ol’ college try if we needed to,” joked Bonnett.

The clinic hasn’t decided how to top the sign if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.