Witnesses testify to affairs, threesome in Pietz murder trial

Witnesses testify to affairs, threesome in Pietz murder trial
SEATTLE - A husband is on trial for killing his wife, and witnesses testified Tuesday that there was trouble in paradise before David and Nicci Pietz tied the knot.

David Pietz's coworker said he was already engaged to Nicci when their relationship turned intimate.

"He told me he cared about me," coworker Sabrina Strieck said. "I asked him why he was getting married, he said that at that point, it was too late to back out of it."

Strieck said their affair continued after his marriage, and jurors heard she wasn't the only one.

"We had sex," Samantha Duffy said. "That was the only time, yes."

Another witness testified to a multi-person encounter with David Pietz.

"Me, Katie and Dave," Julie Hansen Freeman said. "And it was just the three of us kissing."

A woman who exercised at a gym where Pietz worked testified that twice at a club, Pietz slipped his wife the drug ecstasy to loosen her up. Nicole was a recovering alcoholic who planned to celebrate 8 years sobriety the day she disappeared.

It was said that Pietz would put the drug in her Red Bull when they went out, as a way to loosen her up to have a threesome.

A former coworker said Pietz was consumed and concerned by the case, but recalled a question that surprised him.

"We were just kind of talking," Troy Wagman said. "(He) asked if was too soon to go on another date."

Wagman said Pietz asked that question a few weeks after his wife's body surfaced.

The jury is set to hear a 95 minute audio statement David Pietz made to police on Wednesday. Nicole's body turned up in the woods of Burien in 2006. It took nearly 7 years, but prosecutors finally believe they have enough evidence to convict David Pietz for the murder.