Reaction mixed as Microsoft launches new Windows phone

Reaction mixed as Microsoft launches new Windows phone »Play Video
SEATTLE - Microsoft launched the newest version of its Windows phone on Monday, making the smartphone available in stores for the first time.

But there could be a slight problem with consumer perception of the product.

The new Windows phone is Microsoft's answer to the Apple iPhone and Google's Android phone. And they promoted it by building a gigantic, six-story version of newest version of the Windows phone in New York City.

Microsoft tech expert Ben Rudolph says the new phone can do everything the others can do - Internet, email, music, texting - even access to Facebook, Twitter.

"There's never been a better time to go big in the phone business," he says.

And there's a twist ...

"Windows phones' biggest difference is live tiles," he says. "Rather than having a sea of applications you have to jump in and out of you have live tiles that show you real-time information so you can get to the people and stuff that you care about quickly."

Despite all that, there could be a problem with potential buyers of the phone.

While a lot of people have heard of the new Windows phone ... others haven't.

Some consumers tell KOMO News they'd like to try it out. However, most said, "No thanks."

"I'd probably pick a Droid phone," said one shopper.

"No, not really," said another.

"Uh, I don't think so - I like my iPhone," said a third.

And everyone interviewed said they have no idea where to find a Windows phone, nor had they ever seen one for sale anywhere.

Analysts think the new Windows phone could change that soon.

They say Microsoft has already lost millions in market share to Apple and Google - and the real reason Microsoft is putting so much emphasis behind this new upgrade is they want to compete head to head in the marketplace.

T-mobile and AT&T are both selling phones using the new Windows system.