UN: No plans for highest pandemic level yet

UN: No plans for highest pandemic level yet
South Korean quarantine officers use infrared cameras to check the body heat of passengers arriving from Los Angeles against the possible infection of the swine flu at Incheon International Airport.
UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The heads of the United Nations and the World Health Organization say there are no imminent plans to raise its pandemic alert to its highest level.

In New York on Monday, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says WHO "has no plan to raise the alert level to 6 at this moment." WHO chief Margaret Chan also tells the U.N. General Assembly by videolink from Geneva that "we are not there yet."

Level 6 - the highest - would mean that a global outbreak of swine flu is under way. WHO raised the level to 5 last week.

Chan says there were now more than confirmed cases of swine flu in 20 countries, and there is "no indication" the situation is similar to the flu outbreak in 1918. Ban and Chan say there was no justification now for banning imports based on swine flu.