Photos: Aftermath of March 27, 1964, 9.2 quake in Alaska

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Twentymile River Bridge
  • Wreckage of Four Seasons Apartment Building in Anchorage
  • Wreckage of Government Hill School in Anchorage
  • Turnagain Heights in Anchorage
  • Twentymile River Bridge
  • Village of Portage
  • The Four Seasons Apartments
  • Tsunami damage at Seward
Twentymile River Bridge
Twentymile River Bridge near Turnagain Arm on Cook Inlet. The bridge fell into the river, and some of the wood piles were driven through the reinforced concrete deck. The adjacent steel railroad bridge survived with only minor damage. Both bridges were founded on thick deposits of soft alluvium and tidal flat mud and were subjected to severe seismic vibration.