Photos: Aftermath of March 27, 1964, 9.2 quake in Alaska

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Elementary school in Anchorage
  • Hichinbrook Coast Guard dock
  • Highway fissured and spread
  • Fourth Avenue landslide
  • Elementary school in Anchorage
  • Fifth Avenue Chrysler Center
  • Alaska Sales and Service building
  • Anchorage International Airport
Elementary school in Anchorage
Subsidence of the graben at the head of the Government Hill landslide in Anchorage tore apart an elementary school and converted the schoolyard into a jumble of fissures, scarps, and tilted and subsided blocks of broken ground. The flat and relatively unbroken large slide block in the foreground moved away from the school horizontally and as a single mass, creating a void into which the graben block spread and subsided.