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Superstorm Sandy slammed into the New Jersey coastline with 80 mph winds Monday night and hurled an unprecedented 13-foot surge of seawater at New York City, threatening its subways and the electrical system that powers Wall Street. Over 3 million were without power and the storm's fury was expected to last well into Tuesday.

Here is a play-by-play chronicle of the storm as it moved through the northeast Monday:


9:44 PM: Lower Manhattan goes dark during superstorm Sandy, on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, as seen from the Brooklyn Heights promenade in the Brooklyn borough of New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)









Just how deep is the water in parts of Manhattan? 

Sea water floods the Ground Zero construction site, Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, in New York.


New York Transit officials say up to 4 feet of water are entering the subway tunnels under East River. This photo is from Hoboken, NJ:



Millions in the dark in New York City:



New York Storm reports: 4 New York Plaza under 3 feet of water inside and water is 6 ft deep outside. 2-3 feet of water in Carey Tunnel. FDNY Engine 206 HQ on Grand Street evacuated with boats.


New York gov's office confirms 5 storm-related deaths so far in New York.  New York's transit system says water is now flooding the Carey tunnel. 2 million in Manhattan without power. 





5 p.m. wind readings: JFK Airport reports gust to 79 mph, Laguardia 68, Islip 70, Trenton 63, Newark 78.





National Hurricane Center declares Sandy makes landfall about 5 miles southwest of Atlantic City.





One way to measure a storm is to take difference in pressure between two locations. In Seattle, a benchmark for windstorms is taking the difference between Portland and Bellingham -- a distance of about 250 miles.

The record pressure difference is 23.2 milibars, set in the Hanukah Eve storm of 2006.

At 4 p.m. as Sandy made Landfall near Atlantic City, the pressure gradient over a similar distance -- 250 miles to Providence, RI, was a whopping 37.7 mb!  That is unfathomable for a Northwest storm.


Don't forget, Sandy is a snowstorm for parts of West Virginia -- over 2 feet!





Weather Channel reports water lever at The Battery (NY) has reached 12.54 feet, breaking all time record high level. See current level (bottom of center column)


Find the latest storm reports from local offices of the National Weather Service Offices:

New York:
WashingtonDC/Baltimnore area:


Atlantic City:



Will the United States just set a record for lowest pressure ever recorded in the lower 48? Atlantic City, NJ reported a pressure of 28.01". According to Weather Underground, the record for lowest pressure recorded in the lower 48 states ** in a non-tropical storm**  was either 28.10" or 28.20", depending on who you believe.

So it'll be up to the weather detectives to determine whether Sandy still officially classified as a hurricane or not when it made landfall.





Weather Channel reportrs Eagles Neck, NY on Long Island reported a gust to 94 mph and Islip, New York had a gust to 82 mph.

Cleveland reports gust to 51 mph; Hopkins airport closes.

3:14 PM

Wind reports from New York City area spotters: Suffolk 79, Plum Island 84, Farmingdale 62, Groton 76, Bayonne NJ 68, Fisher Isl 71, Madison CT 85, Eatons Neck 86. Many of those are greater than any wind speed ever recorded at Sea-Tac Airport (69 mph, Dec. 14, 2006 Hanukah Eve Storm)

Pressure in Atlantic City reported at 28.11" and still falling rapidly. Already shattering record for lowest reported ever in that town.

2:50 PM:

2:42 PM

2:35 PM

Some 36 hour rainfall totals: Dover (DE) 6.34", Atlantic City: 4.97", Wilmington (DE) 3.73", Trenton (NJ) 1.50". 

Other notes: Sandy Hook, NJ sets all time high water mark of 10.11 feet and it's still rising. Also Atlantic City hits gust of 64 mph.

2:22 PM:

2:20 PM

2:16 PM

Mt. Washington Observatory in New Hampshire -- about 6,600 feet up just recorded a gust of 130 mph. That place used to be the world record holder for strongest gust of wind in the world at 231 mph. The record was considered broken later after research determined a tropical cyclone in Australia hit over 250 mph.

1:59 PM:
At 1 p.m. PDT, buoy 15 miles southeast of New York Harbor reported 25.6 foot wave and 65 mph gust. Also, New London, CT reported a 70 mph gust and Plum Island NY hit 84 mph (according to Mike Chesterfield with the Weather Chanel). Get the latest weather information from the buoy

1:49 PM:
Time lapse video of Sandy's approach, via weather satellite:

1:31 PM

1:26 PM


1:22 PM

Wind gusts at 4pm EDT: Boston 62 mph, Central Park 53, JFK 63, LaGuardia 58, Islip NY: 66, Newark 60, Atlantic City 55, Trenton 51.

1:10 PM

Atlantic City, NJ sets record for all-time lowest atmospheric pressure recorded at 28.31" (958.7mb).  Also, 4.49" of rain reported at Wildwood, NJ in Cape May County (Southern tip of coast)


1:01 PM

Watch out for fake photos! Have you seen this picture in your Facebook or Twitter feed today puporting to be a photo from Hurricane Sandy?

Don't worry it's fake (Stolen from "The Day After Tomorrow" Movie poster).  Mashable has this and other fake photos you're probably seeing online.

12:47 PM

Think she got a good picture?

Lisa Famularo braces for impact as a large wave crashes over a seawall while she photographed heavy surf in the Atlantic Ocean during the early stages of Hurricane Sandy, Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, in Kennebunk, Maine. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)


12:46 PM:

12:45 PM

Buoy 15 miles southeast of New York Harbor reporting waves of 23 feet. (From @BryanWx)

12:20 PM

12:17 PM

Emergency medical operations have been suspended in Atlantic City. Their 911 center says ambulances will not be responding to any calls


12:14 PM:

Here's a look inside an eerily-empty NYSE, which closed today for the first time since the Sept. 11 attacks.


12:09 PM:

Sandy gusts so far: New York's JFK 66 mph, LaGuardia 60, NY Central Park 54: Newark NJ 54, Atlantic City 51, Trenton 52, Boston 59, Newport RI 59

11:56 AM

A crane has partially toppled in Manhattan:

11:55 AM


11:54 AM

Live feed from Times Square:

11:53 AM

Current track of Sandy and regional radar image:

11:40 AM

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