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APTOPIX Spain Evictions Protest
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  • APTOPIX Spain Evictions Protest
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APTOPIX Spain Evictions Protest
A riot police officer uses his baton against a demonstrator during clashes following an eviction of a chronically ill 54-year old neighbour from his home in Madrid, Spain, Friday, Jan. 31, 2014. Harsh repossession laws have led to hundreds of thousands of evictions during the country's deep recession as more than 350,000 people in Spain have received eviction orders since 2008 because they were unable to make mortgage payments. Most of those evicted remain liable to repay the sum originally borrowed, even as the value of their homes plunges, rendering them hard to sell. Unemployment is at a staggering 26%, with young people the worst hit as Spain descends into a double-dip recession. (AP Photo/Gabriel Pecot)