Wristband doubles as tiny digital 'lifestyle coach'

Wristband doubles as tiny digital 'lifestyle coach'
SEATTLE -- If you don't get enough sleep, have trouble maintaining a healthy diet, and need to exercise more, you're not alone.

Sometimes all people need is a little motivation to make and maintain healthy choices. So how about a tiny little digital "lifestyle coach" that you wear on your wrist?

It's called the "Up" life monitoring wristband. You wear it around your wrist, 24-hours per day, and it encourages you to get up if you've been sitting too long at your computer, tells you exactly how long you've been sleeping or when it's time to go to bed, and -- get this -- tells you how many calories you eat by taking pictures of your food.

But it's those very factors that sort of creep people out. Having a digital device that tracks your every movement and then catalogs it in data form has a "big brother" factor to it that many might not like.

It retails for $100 and goes on sale Nov. 6. It's available in several colors.