Drunk Auburn teen: Hello, 911? I'm so drunk my arm's growing numb!

AUBURN, Wash. -- The sun hadn't yet come up, but she was intoxicated that she could barely see, and her arm was growing numb.

So the 19-year-old driver decided to pull over and call 911.

Just after 5 a.m. Monday, state troopers received a call from the young woman, who said she was underage, "very drunk" and staring to lose her vision. She said she was pulled over on the southbound shoulder of State Route 167.

The caller said she'd been unknowingly given alcohol at a party, and that her friends had told her to call police to take her to the hospital. (Listen to the 911 call)

A trooper arrived on the scene and found the bloodshot-eyed driver sitting in the car with a 20-ounce alcoholic energy drink in the cup holder.

The driver told the trooper she'd been sipping on the 12-percent alcohol drink while driving, and that she'd had four more of the same at the party she was coming from. She added that her arm was growing numb.

The driver was taken to Auburn Regional Medical Center for detoxification treatment, then placed under arrest for physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated.

In light of the incident, Washington State Patrol said the driver "did the right thing by pulling over when she began to lose her vision, the WSP has a zero tolerance for driving under the influence and highly encourages the use of designated drivers."


Listen to the 911 call