Caged 'cavemen' go on display at Warsaw zoo

Caged 'cavemen' go on display at Warsaw zoo
Two volunteers in a former monkey cage and dressed as cavemen, are photographed by a visitor at the zoo in Warsaw, Poland, Friday, Nov. 27, 2009.
WARSAW, Poland (AP) - Visitors to Warsaw's zoo are being greeted by two "Homo sapiens" peering out from a cage - humans in animal skins trying to spark interest in man's caveman ancestors.

Organizer Maria Mastalerz says the weeklong "performance" aims to attract interest in a play, "Caveman," showing in the Polish capital. But she says it also carries a message that humans today are not all that different from their prehistoric ancestors.

Dressed in furs and animal skins, the young woman and man smoked a fish over a fire Friday, poking it with a stick, or stared from behind bars at startled zoo visitors.

The display runs through Sunday.