You just won $42 million! Wait, just kidding...

You just won $42 million! Wait, just kidding...
CENTRAL CITY, Colo. -- A Colorado woman thought she won a $42 million jackpot at a casino, but it turns out Lady Luck was just teasing.

Louise Chavez was playing a slot machine at the Fortune Valley Casino in Central City Friday when the machine announced she won $42 million.

"Seeing the light going off on top and it just hit the jackpot sound, and it said, 'Jackpot, Call Attendant," Chavez said. "There was a bunch of people coming up to and hugging me saying, 'You won $42,000' (then someone) said, 'No, you won $42 million!' "

But when the attendant arrived, Chavez was told the machine had malfunctioned and she would not receive any payment.

The casino instead gave Chavez a free room for the night, bought her breakfast and gave her $23, the amount she says she had put into the machine.

Joe Behm is the director of marketing for Fortune Valley and says the machine messed up and random numbers appeared on the screen.

"We've been open for 15 years, at Fortune Valley and this is the first time we've had something of this magnitude," Behm said. "When there's something that's out of the ordinary, that we know that there's a problem, we immediately call the Division of Gaming. We inform the guest that we're going to do so. And there's very strict procedures that we follow."

Behm says the Division of Gaming will look for forensic information in the machine's software.

Chavez could still win some money depending on the Division of Gaming's findings. But she says she should get all of it.

"I put money in there to win. Regardless if it was $42 million, $42,000, $4,000. I feel whatever that machine said, I should get it."