Financial troubles inspire man to dance for rent money

Financial troubles inspire man to dance for rent money
BEAVERTON, Ore. - A man out of work and close to losing his unemployment is taking measures into his own hands. Or feet, rather.

That's because he is hoping he can dance his way out of financial trouble and on to a better life.

“I've sent out resume after resume after resume,” said Aswad, a Beaverton, Ore. man who goes by one name. “And I've gotten basically nowhere. I'm very much afraid of losing my home.”

And after 20 years of working, he found himself in situation many Oregonians are facing -- unemployment with a slim chance of finding a new job.

“I've been homeless,” Aswad said. “I've lost my home. I've lost everything twice and I am not looking to make third time the charm.”

It's been 15 months since his last steady job.

“So I decided I needed to do something drastic to change the course of where I was headed,” he said.

So Aswad decided to dance.

“It's a marketable skill that I can turn around quickly to try and turn around my situation,” he said.

He created a website and a Youtube video of himself dancing. He's asking for anyone who likes it to donate.

“I've gotten donations anywhere from a dollar to 50 dollars,” he said.

He set up a PayPal account and, so far, he has made about $300. However, Aswad is not just dancing to pad his pockets.

“I thought this might be able to get people's attention,” he said.

He's sending a message. He says unemployment benefits can't simply stop. Too many people are counting on them and there just aren't jobs to go out and get. It’s a message Aswad, who has four more videos planned and is looking to post the second one at the end of this week, is adamant about getting out.

“I'm willing to take this to the highest authorities - those being Oprah, Ellen and Congress,” he said.