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Accidental invitation to 61,000 jobseekers triggers chaos

Accidental invitation to 61,000 jobseekers triggers chaos
Jobseekers swarm around a Stockholm office for Sweden's national jobs agency in central Stockholm, Wednesday Feb. 26, 2014, after 61,000 people accidentally were invited to a meeting instead of 1,400. (AP Photo/TT News Agency, Bertil Enevag Ericson)
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STOCKHOLM (AP) — Police say they were called in to restore order in downtown Stockholm after Sweden's public employment service accidentally sent an email invitation for a recruitment event to 61,000 jobseekers instead of 1,000.

Police spokesman Ulf Lindgren says staff at the job center alerted police Wednesday after several thousand people showed up to an event where jobseekers would have a chance to meet with potential employers. He said many people were upset but no arrests were made.

Clas Olsson, acting director general of the employment service, said he deeply regrets the mishap and wishes to send his apologies to all those affected.
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