Gust gaffe: Wyoming road sign warns 355 mph wind

Gust gaffe: Wyoming road sign warns 355 mph wind
A Wyoming Department of Transportation sign along Wyoming Boulevard near 15th Street in Casper was mistakenly programmed to display the message “STRONG WIND GUSTS 355+ MPH" for a brief time on Saturday. (Photo via Casper Star-Tribune)
CASPER, Wyo. (AP) - It's windy in Wyoming, but still. Gusts of 355 mph and more?

That's what one electronic road sign said in Casper on Saturday. The Wyoming Department of Transportation says a sign operator working from Cheyenne meant to type "35+" but mistakenly added another 5.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports the inflated wind gust message was posted for 17 minutes before the department noticed the mistake and corrected it.

The whirlwind on social media lasted longer.

One person posted a photo of the sign with the comment "CASPER WY. WHERE TORNADO ALLEY SEEMS PLEASANTLY BREEZY."