Response from Governor Gregoire

Below is a statement from Governor Chris Gregoire in response to our investigative story looking into the Fuel Only lab.


"Fuel Only took advantage of the state and taxpayers, which is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Immediately upon learning of concerns about Fuel Only, the Department of Agriculture conducted an evaluation that concluded they were falsifying test results. Based on that evidence the contract was suspended and an investigation was launched. The matter was referred to the Washington State Patrol for further investigation.

"While the preliminary investigation was thorough and measures were in place to assure that fuel safety wasn’t compromised, it should have taken less time. I have directed Dan Newhouse, Director of Agriculture, to develop a more timely system for responding to and evaluating concerns that are brought to the agency.

"The state is no longer using Fuel Only for testing and we will seek criminal or civil action to recover the funds paid to them."