'It just tears you up knowing he's in bad shape'

'It just tears you up knowing he's in bad shape'
LAKE STEVENS, Wash. -- A single father to four boys went from hard-working dad to critically hurt at Harborview Medical Center, after he was hit by the driver of a stolen car.

Robert Bentz is getting better, but his list of injuries is long. And while he has insurance through his work, the single dad is going to need help.

Bentz was driving his son Rody to the first day of school when the driver of a stolen car slammed into them. Bentz took the hit in the driver's side of his pick-up, before it rolled and caught fire.

He has a fractured back, a broken leg, a broken ankle, a broken jaw, torn artery, internal bleeding and other injuries.

Now his four sons, Ryan, Rick, Rody and Harley, are getting by with help from their grandmother.

"He's always there for us and it's weird not seeing him there for us," said 19-year-old Ryan.

Needs are great, and it is of course a struggle to be without their dad.

"He's an active man -- a construction worker, digging ditches, laying pipes... building, for anybody," said Bentz' mother Haralina Bentz. Whenever he's needed anywhere he makes an effort to be there. He's a good man."

Friends are trying to help raise money to support the family.

"Everybody that knows Rob knows he's got a great big heart on him," said Howard Fletcher, Bentz' foreman. "And it just tears you up a little bit knowing that he's in bad shape."

Rody, 16, is out of the hospital, but he needs months of physical therapy. And Robert has a long recovery ahead.

Money is a concern. His pickup truck was not insured.

"Well, Rob, he doesn't have a lot, and what he does have he works hard for," Fletcher said. "And I can tell ya, he'd give you the shirt off his back whether he had one or not."

If you'd like to help, you can donate through our Problem Solvers.

The man in the stolen car died at the scene.