Documents: Meade said 'time to end this' before fatal shooting

Documents: Meade said 'time to end this' before fatal shooting »Play Video
Troy Meade
EVERETT, Wash. -- The police file on the death of Niles Meservey by police fire is an exhaustive account some 900 pages of long.

The reports in the file describe the events that led up to Meservey's death in the parking lot of Chuckwagon Inn last June.

Everett Police Officer Troy Meade, 41, was one of several who responded to 911 callers who were worried Meservey, who was intoxicated, would get behind the wheel. The officers arrived to find Meservey sitting in his parked Chevy Corvette.

Witnesses have said Meade tried repeatedly to get Meservey out of his car. Backup Officer Steve Klocker told investigators after the driver refused to comply, he heard Meade tell him, "I don't know why the (expletive) I'm trying to save your dumb (expletive), maybe to keep you from killing yourself or driving."

When Meservey, 51, refused to budge, Meade used a Taser on him.

All eyewitnesses agree Meservey started his car,it lurched forward, jumped the curb and rammed a fence. But only two witnesses say the car started moving backwards towards Meade.

"When the car moved back it moved about one foot, we thought it was going to hit the police car," said one witness.

That's when Meade fired. The officer said he feared for his life. Meservey was shot seven times.

Klocker told investigators he remembers seeing the cars' "back-up lights." Klocker also said prior to opening fire, Meade said something along the lines of, "Time to end this, enough is enough."

Meade's attorney insists the officer was acting in self-defense, but Klocker says he didn't feel threatened, according to the file.

"(Klocker) believed they would have to use greater force to control the incident, but he did not think they had reached the level of lethal force because he did not feel his life, Officer Meade's life, or any civilian lives were in danger," the file states.

After the shooting, Meade reportedly also claimed, "I'm out of it," and asked for his union representative.

Meade, an 11-year veteran of the force, has been charged with first-degree manslaughter and second-degree murder. His trial is set for mid-April.

Meservey's family has also filed a claim against the city of Everett, demanding up to $15 million.