Puppy Tweets: Tweets by your dog while you're away

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Facebook and Twitter help you keep track of what your friends and family are doing. Now tweets from your puppies can tell you what they're doing while you're away.

Toymaker Mattel developed what it calls Puppy Tweets. It's a small electronic dog tag that sends you tweets so you know what your dog's doing while you're away.

"I don't know. It's too weird," said dog owner Jennaca.

Here's how it works. You put the transponder on your dog's collar. You plug the USB into your computer. Then you wait for tweets to pop up on your screen.

OK, the dog's not actually tweeting, but any one of hundreds of pre-written tweets let you know what your dog's doing.

The transponder is motion- and sound-activated.

If the pooch is napping, he might tweet: "Some days, it feels like my paw is permanently on the snooze button!"

"That's ridiculous," said dog owner Brock. "I don't need to know what my dog's doing at home. Nope, not at all."

He's certainly not rushing out to buy one for his dogs, but others might.

"It's different," said Tina, another dog owner.

Other possible tweets?

If the dog's running around the house, the tweet may say, "Chasing everything that moves is definitely a full-time job!"

If the pet is barking at home, she might tweet: "YAHOOOOOOO! Some days you just gotta' get your bark on."

"Well, that's pretty neat," said Tina. "It is. It is. I'm not sure it's for me, but you know I'm sure someone out there would be interested in that."

Puppy Tweets runs $25 to $30, and it is available online.