Sex game for Microsoft's Kinect garnering criticism

Sex game for Microsoft's Kinect garnering criticism »Play Video
SEATTLE -- Microsoft's new gaming system Kinect is getting a little kinky.

An adult entertainment company is developing a game that's creating a lot of controversy.

The system detects your motions. As you move your hand, the hand on the screen moves, too. You can even interact with the animated character or a real person on camera.

Experts say a new 3D sex game is going to be huge in the world of interactive gaming, but not everyone is happy. That's because a software company in Austria is developing the game to run on Kinect without permission.

"It's something they'd probably rather not see," said Jim Lovelace, a computer expert who's been tracking gaming trends and technology for years.

But Lovelace says porn on Kinect was inevitable.

"You have full immersion now because your body is your controller," he said.

In a statement, Microsoft said it "did not authorize or license its technology for this use" and "would never condone this type of game for Kinect."

But what Microsoft thinks may not matter.

"I don't know that they can stop it," said Lovelace.

Because as soon as Microsoft released Kinect, Lovelace says companies all over the world brainstormed ways to use it, and the porn industry beat them all to it.

"Every time a technology gets started, the next question is: how can we use this for porn?" said Lovelace.

Lovelace says the porn industry often paves the way, figuring out how to use new technology.

And since Microsoft's Kinect is about to take gaming where gaming has never been before, "I think this is where you end up. People are going to do different things.

"Is this the best use of the equipment? No. But if it helps us get to the next level, then why not?" Lovelace said.