Wine, cheese and... word tasting?


By Travis Mayfield

There are just some words that ‘taste good’ in my mouth.

In the same way I like the peppery spice of a good Va Piano Syrah or the nutty, smokey goodness of Beecher's No Woman cheese , I appreciate saying certain words and I savor how they sound when I do say them.




I enjoy saying each one of those words.  I know it is partially the crispness of the hard consonants inside each word. 

But it is more than just that, I really like that when I saw these words they sound exactly like what they mean.

Say ‘sycophant’ out loud right now.  As my mouth makes the sounds my mind is instantly flooded with the faces of insane, screaming, suck-ups…desperate for approval at any cost.

‘Macabre’ evokes a foggy mist, a deserted graveyard, a lonely crow.  I say it and I can even hear the click of that crow’s claws as it lands on a headstone in the fog.

And ‘ubiquitous’ – my very favorite word of all time – saying it is like hearing a million whispers the world over saying the same thing ‘everywhere at once, everywhere at once, everywhere at once.’

Is it weird that I have favorite words like others have favorite colors? 

Maybe, but I do not care…I just love words that ‘taste good’ in my mouth.

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