What's with all the cute animals?


By Travis Mayfield

Last night over dinner my partner said, “So why do you have several minutes of unedited panda video on your website today?”

To which I asked, “Did you watch it?”

“Absolutely, to the end,” he replied.

And that folks is why we post cute animal video when we get it.

It is why I posted the picture at the top of this story of our adorable dog Sadie (because it made you click on the story) and why I am embedding video we shot this morning of otters playing at the Woodland Park Zoo below:

Our goal at KOMONews.com is to cover the hard news stories of the day. But we also know that many of the hard news stories are ‘bad news’ stories and an entire website of just that every day can be depressing.  So we ask our reporters to look for positive stories to share too, people doing good things in our community and yes even cute animal video when we get it.  Our hope is to strike a balance between useful, informative and enjoyable content.

So go back and enjoy the panda video, smile over the otter video, take another look at just how cute our Sadie-girl really is and THEN you can go back to the death and destruction of the day’s other news stories.

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