Valentine's Day in the workplace


By Vienna Catalani

Oh Valentine's Day. Some people love it, others hate it, and most are indifferent.

There's always more than enough food to go around on a normal day in the newsroom, but Valentine's Day is different in that everything is heart shaped, red, and extra sweet. We're all about spreadin' the love here at KOMO, and when it comes to sugary goodness, we'll never leave you wanting. I remember last year we even got an edible arrangement, complete with chocolate-covered deliciousness in every bite.

But then there's always "That Girl." You know, the one who gets a huge vase of red roses, and trinkets, and phone calls, and texts, and then more flowers, and more candy and sweets. Insert eye roll here.

That Girl will proceed to walk around with a huge smile, flip her hair, and respond with little quips like "Oh my goodness!" or "Bless your heart!" And, if you didn't know, it's your job as a coworker to pretend to care, but mostly to smile and gush about how lucky she is.

It was clear by 10am who That Girl was this year, as made obvious by the flow of gifts brought up by the poor security officers to her desk.

Here's a portion of That Girl's loot for the day:

What a spoiled brat! You think her family and friends could send these items to her doorstep. Helloooooo, anyone heard of home delivery???

Well. Hmph. All I have to say is...

Booya! THAT GIRL IS ME! Bwahahaha.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

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