Where did your friends go? Facebook hid them...


By Jenny Kuglin

Last week I noticed I hadn’t seen any updates from a particular friend on Facebook.

Did she unfriend me? Was she sick? Did she suddenly unplug from social media?

Nope. Facebook decided to hide her from me because I hadn’t been interacting with her page enough.

So how could this happen?

Last week, Facebook quietly changed the settings that control what updates appear in your News Feed from your friends, family and brands that you “like.” Before this, the “Most Recent” link allowed you to see everything people had posted, while “Top News” showed the people you interacted with most.

But now, even the “Most Recent” list is filtered. Here’s the bottom line: Facebook can completely hide some updates by friends if you haven’t interacted with them on the site recently.

But there is a way to change this if you don’t want Facebook to control what you see. Click the “Most Recent” link and select "Edit Options” from the pull-down list below it. Choose “All of your friends and pages” from the “Show posts from” menu. Then click "Save."

Here are some screenshots of exactly what to do:



Top Line


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