I hate the snow, but I love this


By Travis Mayfield

For the last few days I’ve been helping to collect and post the snow pictures KOMO News Network viewers, listeners and readers have been sending in to us.

There are lots of fun pictures of snowmen and beautiful pictures of snowy scenery.  There are cute kids and pets in the snow.  There are pictures of decks blanketed in snow, rulers standing in the snow and lumps nearly unrecognizable as birdhouses.

Now here’s my secret, I really don’t like the snow.

Let me clarify.

I often tell people, “I love snow when it falls where I can drive to it and enjoy it, but I hate it when it falls (and sticks) where I live and work.”

If you mix that underlying attitude in with the non-stop-snow-coverage I’ve been immersed in for the last 48 hours it is no secret in this newsroom I am ready for sunny warm weather.

That is until I saw the below video of a snow slide which boingboing dubbed ‘insanely elaborate.’

Now I want someone to build that slide here and I want them to let me use it all weekend long.

Please?  Pretty please?

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