World Water Day: Imagine a life without water


By Vienna Catalani

Today is World Water Day. Do you know what it's like to be without water? I do.

I grew up in what some might consider to be an impoverished border town in Texas. While the town I lived in has grown and flourished, it wasn't always that way.

I can attest to brushing my teeth while sitting in dirty bath water. Laws were made as to when and how long you could water your lawn. Our reservoir never seemed to have enough water in it, and for over a decade water was never taken for granted.

I can even remember going out to eat and knowing not to drink the free water given at meals, because there's a good chance it's dirty. Everyone knew someone who had died from drinking dirty water, and looking back now, that seems crazy.

It wasn't until I had left for college and lived in Dallas that I really saw how wasteful the world can be with water. No one else seemed to have the same reaction to sprinkler water flooding the curbs, and no one else turned off the shower to wash their hair.

I'm not going to pretend like I ever had it as bad as other people do. While it wasn't the ideal situation it was by no means a considerable hardship that effected my health, or well-being.

So, even if just for today, stop and think about people in developing countries who don't even have water to waste. As quickly as the world moves forward there are some places, who have yet caught up with their rapid urbanization and are drinking dirty water. Stop to think that it's not just about drinking clean water, it's also about waste disposal and irrigation. Most developing countries don't have enough money to cover the costs of a sustainable infrastructure for urban sanitation, nor are citizens able to afford medical costs stemming from these unsanitary conditions.

There are plenty of events world wide you can participate in, as well as places you can donate. You can also raise awareness by passing on the message and taking measures to conserve water where you live.

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