I am being followed by an Al Jazeera correspondent


By Travis Mayfield

I met Ayman Mohyeldin this week and really liked him.

Mohyeldin is the Egypt based correspondent for Al Jazeera English. He was there in Cairo in the midst of the revolution and he has some incredible stories to tell.

Mohyeldin started following me last night and I couldn’t be happier.
You see Mohyeldin is following me on Twitter (@AymanM).
“Is this going to be online?” Mohyeldin asked me yesterday after he taped a KOMO Newsradio interview about his experiences in Egypt and with Al Jazeera.
“Absolutely and then I’ll tweet out a link,” I told him.
“Can you get my Facebook page in there too?” he asked. “It’s all about social media now you know.”
This is a guy who is seen daily on-camera by millions of people the world over, but to him it is apparently all about social media.
I have to admit before I joined Twitter 2 years ago I scoffed at it. But after just a few days I became a believer and now I’m an evangelist.
I consume more news faster from more sources on Twitter than anywhere else. I also share news, get recommendations, find story leads and make friends on Twitter constantly (I’m @TravisMayfield if you want to follow me yourself). 
My 1,258 followers pale in comparison to Mohyeldin’s 33,114 followers, but I’m still proud of my small corner of the Twittersphere. 
I’m especially proud when I get retweeted by someone like Mohyeldin (hey that’s exposure to all of his followers who in turn could follow me).
Occasionally I appear on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN. She (@issueswithjvm) follows me on Twitter and I’m still thrilled when I get a retweet by her. Jane always introduces me on-air as ‘my buddy Travis Mayfield’ and my family goes nuts for that. It is her retweets though that inflates my ego.
I also did a TopLine blog post a month or so ago about PostSecret (the insanely popular postcard secret blog). I tweeted about it and was promptly retweeted by @PostSecret. Frank Warren (the guy behind PostSecret) remains one of the coolest ‘celebrities’ I’ve ever interviewed so getting that retweet was like a pat on the back from him.
If you don’t tweet you probably don’t understand and I can’t really explain it. The retweet really is a sign of respect and a badge of honor.
Having Ayman Mohyeldin following me on Twitter is cool, but it wasn’t until he retweeted me that I really felt the love.
Still the bigger joy in all of this is the fact that I now get to tell people, “Yup, I have an Al Jazeera correspondent following me and he won’t stop.”

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