Why I'm taking April Fool's Day off


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By Scott Sistek

Normally, I'm in the office on Friday. But this Friday, I'm taking the day off.

Officially, it's to spend some time with the family and make it a long weekend, but there was a side benefit -- it means I won't be in the office on April Fool's Day.

Yes, I am still dealing with what I can only term as "Oreo Trauma". On a recent April Fool's Day, one of my coworkers, who shall remain nameless (cough, cough, @Martha_Kang, cough) was nice enough to bring a bag of green, mint Oreo cookies -- presumably leftover from St. Patrick's Day -- for the newsroom.

Being a (former) Oreo fan, I grabbed a few and headed back to my desk and bit into one. It tasted a little different, and soon after, my mouth felt kinda like it does when you brush your teeth -- sort of that chalky, pastey taste.

It wasn't horrible; I just thought, man, Oreo really did not hit a home run with the mint version.

It wasn't until I saw the excited, peering eyes of sort-of-unnamed coworker looking at me. "How did those Oreos taste?" she wondered.

"A little different," I replied, oblivious to what day it was.

Come to find out, that wasn't the sweet, fluffy green Oreo center, but she had taken four Oreos in the bag, removed the stuffing, and instead smeared the insides with toothpaste and then replaced the two chocolate ends and waited for an unlucky and unsuspecting (former) Oreo fan to fall for it. A brilliant April Fool's Day prank indeed.

Seeing as how April Fool's Day this year is a Friday, and there is typically some food in the newsroom to kick off the weekend, I'm just going to forego temptation and take the day off. But beware, fellow newsroom employees, sort-of-unnamed coworker is scheduled to be here.

So, perhaps bring a sack lunch. Or a toothbrush.

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