Don't tell anyone, but my secret is Instagram


By Travis Mayfield

Thanks to the advent of the iPhone I’m constantly snapping pictures and posting them on Twitter and Facebook.

Usually if the picture is of something really cool it will garner some comments from friends and followers.

But lately I’ve been getting a marked increase in people sharing and complimenting my pictures.

As a guy who likes to be praised I’m pleased, but I have to admit feeling guilty when I quietly accept those compliments.

You see I’m cheating.

The cool effects, filters and depth of field tricks in nearly all my pictures are just that tricks.

I’m an Instagram user (and I can’t get enough).

I first downloaded the free photography sharing app on my iPhone in February and I’ve been using it incessantly every since.

I documented (and shared) our recent trip to Chicago via Instagram. 

See how cool the steps at the Art Institute of Chicago look using the Lord Kelvin filter?

The Lomo-fi filter really helped bring out the green dye in this public fountain on St Patrick’s Day.

Once I’d mastered the filters I moved on to the ‘Tilt-Shift’ feature that allows me to manipulate the field of depth and focus.

Here’s a cool picture of those new electronic WSDOT speed signs on I-5 using the X-Pro II filter and the ‘Tilt-Shift’ focused on the signs themselves.

I’m no photographer and I know this is cheating, but I just don’t care.

Instagram is my new favorite app, I’m embracing it and I’m taking those compliments.

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