Pink shoes and poetry


By Travis Mayfield

Standing in the KOMO Newsradio studios today Caroline Kennedy wore a powder blue cardigan, black sensible slacks and hot pink running shoes.

Kennedy is in Seattle signing copies of her new book ‘She Walks in Beauty’ a collection of poetry.
“Really this is about the most ordinary moments in our lives and how to make them extraordinary,” said Kennedy of the poems she selected for the book.
For me those pink shoes really symbolized that idea. As she spoke I thought about her life and her family’s legacy. 
“A lot of people are scared of poetry and they think it’s intimidating and they don’t understand it,” she said.
I thought about who she had been brought up to be and what she is passing along to her own children through the poetry she has collected.
“I think that’s a great gift for kids and something I’ve tried to pass on as well,” said Kennedy.
As the conversation progressed anchor Herb Weisbaum asked her why she had written personal introductions for each of the poems.
“I think people like playlists and they like to know why other people like the things they like,” answered Kennedy.
Again I thought how ordinary, yet extraordinary. Here was Caroline Kennedy, of The Kennedy family, speaking the language of iPods and iTunes but talking about poetry.
Even as the interview turned to politics her answers came more from the woman wearing the pink shoes and less from the woman wearing the sensible slacks.
“I think the public dialogue is turning off especially kids. I think that’s a serious disservice to our nation,” she said. “That’s why I focus on language and positive language. I hope we’ll start to get back to a more positive dialogue as well as dealing seriously with the issues.”
What a simple, clear and poetic answer. 
And when asked by Jane Shannon if she would ever reconsider her decision not to run for elected office.
“There’s a poem in the book called ‘Leap Before You Look’ so that’s going to be my new motto,” she said through laughter.
Then as quickly as she had arrived she left, exiting the studio back out into the world with her ordinary cardigan, her sensible slacks and her extraordinary pink shoes.


Listen to the full interview with Caroline Kennedy on KOMO Newsradio.

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