Faker Friday on KOMO Newsradio


By Travis Mayfield

And the hits keep coming.

First it was the story about the Post Office mistakenly featuring the wrong Lady Liberty on its new stamp.  Who doesn’t love the fact that they used a picture of the replica statue outside the New York, New York casino in Las Vegas instead of the real one?

Then came the news that VegNews, a San Francisco based vegan and vegetarian magazine, has been caught using stock photos featuring meat and dairy.  The outrage from the meatless community has been entirely in CAPITAL LETTERS!

Now we learn the NBA has named Clay Bennett the chairman of the NBA relocation committee

The SeattlePI.com declares:

    “The fox is officially guarding the hen house.” 

The Seattle Times is asking folks via Twitter to complete this sentence:

    “Clay Bennett being appointed new head of NBA's relocation committee is like (blank) being (blank)”

Some of the responses are stitch-in-side-inducing hilarious:

    Like the devil being promoted in hell. — Daniel Kessler (@DBKessler)

    BP being in charge of oil spill cleanup policy. — Joe Ortel (@JoeOrtel)

    Like putting Allen Iverson in charge of practice. — Our own Bob Condotta (@Bcondotta)

    Like Michael Vick running the Westminster Kennel Club. — Vincent Verhei (@FO_Vverhei)

Maybe it’s just because it’s Friday or maybe it’s because I’m so Vitamin D deficient, but for whatever reason I’m seeing a pattern.  In fact I’m seeing a whole segment for KOMO Newsradio.

“What about a Friday Fakers Feature,” I gleefully emailed to our afternoon radio editor.

Seriously that’s the common theme here right?

Fake lady liberty. 

Fake vegan photos.

And well…I’ll let you tell me in the comments below what kind of ‘fake’ you can make of Mr. Bennett’s new job!


Listen to our entire Faker Friday segment on KOMO Newsradio here.

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