Reaction pours in regarding my 'Open letter to Costco shoppers'


By Travis Mayfield

My TopLine post ‘An open letter to Costco shoppers’ has elicited a lot of feedback.

I’ve heard from folks cheering me on and chiming in with their own complains. I’ve also heard from other folks so furious at me they can barely contain their outrage to a simple email.

I haven’t received a single email from anyone who is in the middle on all of this.

I would never have guessed the subject of big-box-shopping-irritants would cause such a barrage of love/hate reaction.

Still here we are and in that spirit I thought I’d share some of the best emails folks have sent me (or at least parts of those emails).

Here, here!!
I find the food tasting ques the most irritating. It's almost as if the folks waited to get to Costco to eat. Maybe they don't get fed at home.
I had one gentleman tell me to "take it easy" as I fumed while waiting to get by an unusually large feeding frenzy. I should have hit him with a brick of Costco toilet paper.
I realize slow Costco shoppers and those who leave carts unattended can be annoying, but you sound like you came over from New York. If a cart is abandoned and in your way, you have a "legal" right to move it (I just made that law for you).
I have to send out a big DITTO to your article. I don't know how many times I have felt the same way about my shopping experience at Costco. Oh the inefficiency of how to get in and out shopping at its best. The food vendors are the worst with there traffic jamming, aisle clogging tidbits of food samples. Put them outside with the hotdog and pizza plaza.
Can you tell me of any place which draws large crowds of people, that do not have an assortment of people who are slow, or pushy, or drag irritating children along?
What would happen to any of these places if the crowds were reduced to manageable groups, allowing you to move through much more freely?  Yes, the place would close down due to lack of interest (and profits). 
Your options include 1 - Complain (which you have done).  Did it do any good?  Do you anticipate finding well mannered shoppers next time you visit Costco?
2 - Shop at a store with higher prices, lower quality items, which draw fewer people.  Of course, it will close eventually, and you will have to find another similar store, which will also close etc, etc. 
3 - Learn to live with it.  Relax.  Assist the elderly (they do need help sometimes to reach, lift etc). They'll appreciate it, you'll feel good about it, and, remember - if you are lucky, you will be in their shoes someday and appreciate having someone reach or lift for you.  Smile at the children. They like that. It will probably quiet them for just an instant while they smile back.  The parents will like it, as well. When you are in the parking lot, allow someone else to take the spot next to the door you were looking at.  Park farther away.  The extra walking is good for you.  I'm certain that you can find many more similar things to do which will improve your shopping experience, while making your fellow shoppers happier.  Try it! You'll like it!
You could have copied my thoughts exactly.  So, here is what I have learned:
Don’t grab a cart if you don’t need anything large.  Find one of the open boxes on one of the shelves and load that up.  This will keep you mobile and allow you to navigate the train-wreck of carts.
Shop between 4:30 and 5:30.  People are going home.  The store is almost empty.  At 5:00, I have walked up to a cashier with my spoils without waiting in line.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays are lighter.  If you need to go at a time other than 4:30 to 5:30, try to make it on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Monday and Thursday are the next best.  Friday is busy.  Every Saturday in Woodinville is like Christmas shopping, and should be unfailingly avoided.
And from Loren:
Your article about Costco Shoppers made you look like a total d***** bag.
If you are SO important that everyone seems to do something that annoys you, then maybe you should shop when there are few others around.
You need to get over yourself and shop someplace else. Guys like you p*** me off WAY more than a few distracted shoppers who actually aren't anywhere near as stressed and uptight as you. P***.
Thanks everyone for writing and sharing your opinions (of Costco, shopping and me). Have a good rest of the week and good luck the next time you hit Costco!

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