Car company declares war on meteorologists


By Scott Sistek, Meteorologist

I guess they feel we are easy targets. I mean, sure, it rains every promised sunny weekend, every outdoor wedding ends up soaked, and those predictions of snowstorms over 4th of July weekend never seem to pan out.

Subaru has unveiled a new ad campaign that has a 50 percent chance of alienating meteorologists (provided the forecast models are correct, although the European model suggests it could be as high as 75 percent.)

But apparently we don't just bumble when it comes to forecasting the weather, we even have trouble with simple things such as remembering to not lock our car keys in our idling vehicle! (OK, admittedly I blew off taking that weather class at the University of Washington because it conflicted with Tying Your Shoes 101.)

We're not sure what we did wrong to garner such a cold front from the company -- perhaps some ad executive got caught in a sudden thunderstorm at company headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and vowed "they'll pay for this!" (Or perhaps they were still busy yaking on their smart phone about that brilliant New Coke campaign to notice the radar showing an impending downpour.)

And it's a good thing that weather forecasters "aren't good with numbers" to notice that they actually put a calculator on their site that lets you know how much time you've "wasted" in your life checking the weather online! (Ouch!)

I get that we weather forecasters are small in number and it's not like any kind of organized boycott would cause any big dip in sales. But if I were living in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, I'd be a little weary of the weather for a while. While we only forecast the weather for a short period, we do have pretty long memories... provided we can find New Jersey on a map :)

(Seriously though, Subaru, well played. It is a hilarious campaign)

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