Beer company asking, but not telling?


By Travis Mayfield

I often tell people, “I’m just a news guys.”

I mean that I’m blunt, skeptical and constantly curious.

What I absolutely am not is an ‘ad guy.’

Still I am fascinating by advertising and the motivation behind some ads. Obviously these brands want to sell product, but who are they selling to and why? 

Sometimes it isn’t clear. 

Different ads mean different things to different populations. 

Can the same ad mean multiple things to divergent audiences? 

With that said I submit to you a new TV ad from Budweiser.

Some bloggers have dubbed it ‘ambiguously gay.’

I shared the ad over Twitter and around the newsroom today. I got mixed reactions. Some folks absolutely saw a ‘gay subtext’ while other’s didn’t.

Is it possible this beer ad looks gay to gays and looks straight to straights?

In 2011 does that even matter?

What do you think? Overt, ambiguous, 100% straight or something else?

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