Hey garbage collector you missed something, again


The garbage discovered in our bin after Thursday's collection day.

By Travis Mayfield

Sometimes it’s the small things that set me off.

Yesterday was trash day at our house.

Last night I came home from work and as I carried our trash bin back into the garage I noticed that there was still garbage in it.

It wasn’t much garbage, but this was the fifth trash day in a row that this has happened. In fact twice recently there has not only been garbage remaining in the bin, but garbage strewn about the street in front of our house and even in our planting strip.

I’m a reasonably calm guy and that is why I have waited five trash days before really letting myself get angry.

That said, WTH?!?!

What the heck?!?!

When the city of Seattle really began its efforts to get everyone to recycle more aggressively and reduce their garbage can size we did it.

Our garbage can is the smallest size available, the 12 gallon ‘micro-can.’

We work darn hard to ensure we are throwing away less than 12 gallons of trash a week. Every little ounce of space in that bin each week matters to us.

So when the garbage collector doesn’t take every shred of debris away we have less space the next week.

In my outrage yesterday I alerted both the company that contracts for our garbage services and the city via Twitter.  I know that 99% of garbage collectors out there are good folk who give their jobs 150% of their effort. I'd just like to be part of that side of the equation versus where we find ourselves now. 

We are following the rules. We are doing our part. We pay good money for garbage service at our house.

Is it too much to ask that in return ALL of our garbage is collected each and every week?

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