Can I hold your ferret?


Photo: Flickr user randomlife (CC License)

By Travis Mayfield

Who doesn’t love a good Craigslist post?

Today Tacoma KOMO reporter Halley Griffin came across a posting so fantastic I had to share it here on the TopLine blog.

The title?

“Can I hold your ferret?”

This is weird I know.
I used to have two ferrets (lost them 7 years ago), and would never ever get them again. Too stinky, pretty much ruined everything in my house, and all my friends hated them and thought I was crazy for having them as pets. BUT, for some reason I have a strange affection for those little weasels. Lately I have been wanting to get one again. I know this is a horrible idea, but I just cant shake the idea of ferrets out of my head. Im thinking that if I could be around one again for a little while it might get it out of my system and shake my idea to get one. is my strange request: Can I hold your ferret?

If you are crazy enough to have these little animals as pets maybe you will understand this strange desire of mine

I sent this out to the entire KOMO newsroom because it was just too good not to share.
KOMO Newsradio anchor Jane Shannon just came up to me and asked, “Can I hold your ferret?”
I laughed and then she said, “What, I’m just talking about your little weasel!”

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