Wait, that’s not a TV dinner


By Travis Mayfield

I had to look twice when one of our photojournalists brought the aluminum tray over to my desk this morning.
“Look at this!” she said with a big smile.
“Gross, is that an old TV dinner?” I asked.
“No, it’s cupcakes,” she replied.
Sure enough some creative pastry chef (a friend of one of our TV news producers) designed these delightful treats to look just like a 1970’s TV dinner.
On the far right that’s a cupcake frosted to look like mashed potatoes with a big hunk of butter melting on top.
In the middle, what looks disgustingly like peas and carrots is actually green M&M’s and orange Starburst squares set in green frosting.
And up in the left hand corner, I’m still not convinced that ISN’T a fried chicken drumstick. I’m told that’s a white chocolate ‘chicken bone’ and frosting covered in crumbled corn flakes.
Finally of course they are nestled in a cupcake tray so realistically ‘TV tray material’ it would ONLY look at home on top a folding plastic tray with Sanford and Sons flickering in the background.
I tweeted this picture out earlier and got lots of similar reactions:
@NWKidney Ha! How creative!

@Kyannlewis Those look yummy. I love that idea.
Still the chef may have created something just a little too realistic in its imitation.
Usually food left out in the newsroom is snarfed up in under 3.5 seconds.
Those cupcakes?
Last I checked they were still sitting at the assignment desk.

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