My patron saint of good memories and stinky garbage


By Travis Mayfield

My mother thought they were gross.

My father said they were rude.

My friends assured me they were awesome.

They were the Garbage Pail Kids!

I was always the good son, so I followed my parent’s wishes and never owned any.  I did look at them occasionally when classmates passed them around at school, but not without guilt.

Now we have possibly the most iconic of all Garbage Pail Kids plastered on the inside door of our garage.

‘ALICE Island’ was there when we bought the house and so far we’ve had no inclination to remove it.

More than that I can’t help looking at it each time I come in from the garage.  It makes me feel younger than I am and I like feeling that.

Looking at that sticker makes me think of those ‘Child of the 80s’ emails we all got in the 90s.

It makes me remember when mom and dad had all the answers.

It makes me feel carefree and ready for anything.

I love my life as an adult, but sometimes it is nice to simple revel in a little nostalgia.

What better place to enjoy a brief respite from the daily stresses of the grown-up world than the garage.

Besides, Alice now watches over the section of the garage where we keep the trash and recycle bins.

My friend Dan says, “That "Alice Island" pun is hilarious in a way that is simultaneously brilliant and moronic.”

I agree.

After all, she is now my patron saint of good memories and stinky garbage!

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